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The Cost of Psychological Testing

When insurance benefits apply, the cost of testing can be as low as $20 to $100, but costs of $75 to $160 or more, are more common. 
The cost of services is based on the clinical time used in the evaluation. The number of tests used, the types of test used, and the disorders in question can all affect the amount of time which is needed, but this time is calculated beforehand in your consultation so that you can know what to expect.

No Surprises Billing

Utah Excel Psychology holds to a “no surprises” billing policy for our clients. When you receive a quote for an evaluation, we do not deviate from this quote, unless it is in favor of the client. If additional testing is recommended after the evaluation, a new quote would be generated. Each client is fully in control of determining what services are provided. It isn’t common for an evaluation to take less time than what is quoted, but in the case that it does and this affects the billing, our office will initiate an appropriate refund.

Working Through insurances

Clients are pleased to learn that we try to take away as much of the hassle of the billing process as possible. With your permission, we contact in-network insurance providers and determine how your plan benefits would apply. Navigating insurance policies, checking benefits, and determining preauthorization requirements may not be an intuitive process and we work to do the heavy lifting for you. As long as your insurance benefits do not change, you can have complete confidence that you will not be charged any amount over what is quoted. In all of our thousands of evaluations, we have never had to bill a client unexpectedly after the testing process.  

While the plans accepted by individual providers of Utah Excel Psychology can vary, we have options for working through the following insurance providers:

• Select Health (Care and Choice networks)
• EMI Health

We do not currently work with individuals who have a Medicare plan or a Medicaid plan. 

Out of Pocket Discount

When an individual (or third party such as an ecclesiastical leader) is solely responsible for the entire testing fee (e.g., when insurance is not being billed), the cost is reduced by 40 percent. 

Receipt Information

A receipt is provided each time a payment is made. In addition, after the evaluation has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed, final receipt showing the billing hours, billing codes, diagnostic codes (if applicable), and other information. If your insurance is not being billed by Utah Excel Psychology, you can submit this detailed receipt to seek reimbursement or to see if the costs can be counted towards a deductible. The likelihood of reimbursement can depend on several factors. If it is helpful to have specific questions you can ask your insurance, just let us know.

When Testing Fees are Due

When working directly with Dr. Allred, testing fees are due at the beginning of the first testing session. When working directly with a contractor hired by Dr. Allred, testing fees are due at least 48 hours in advance of the first testing session.

Payment Options

Check, debit, credit, and cash payments are accepted. Check is the preferred method of payment and checks are made out to Utah Excel Psychology.

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