Contracting with Utah Excel Psychology

Utah Excel Psychology offers psychological testing services for a variety of different organizations including mental health clinics, schools, treatment centers, government organizations, and insurance agencies.

Psychological Testing for Schools

Utah Excel Psychology has helped several schools to address their psychological testing needs and help to determine which educational classification may be appropriate for a student. Testing evaluations can be performed on-site at a school and typically last one to three hours, depending on the type of testing which is needed. Each student is unique and can have their own specific barriers to academic opportunities. It is important to individually consider each child to understand which mental health factors are causing the problem and how they may qualify for services under the Utah State Board of Education Special Education rules.

Psychological testing results can be valuable to educators as they select accommodations and services to be a part of an individualized education program (IEP) for their students. Evaluations may include testing for cognitive functioning, adaptive functioning, academic achievement, emotional functioning, behavioral functioning, and more.

Psychological Testing for Mental Health Clinics

Utah Excel Psychology adopts an integrative approach to helping clients within mental health practices. We recognize that a client’s confidence in their treatment can be amplified as they know that their providers are connected and communicative. We understand that treatment can be optimized by taking an individualized approach to addressing a client’s symptoms. On-site testing, with an individualized treatment design, can help to supplement a client’s treatment and bolster treatment providers’ conceptualization.

Psychological Testing for Residential Treatment Centers
Our experiences at Utah Excel Psychology easily translates to individuals receiving treatment in residential centers. Evaluations can be carried out on-site and can work to clarify diagnoses and make treatment recommendations. Diagnosis-focused evaluations can include testing for emotional disorders, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, personality disorders, learning disorders, and more. Evaluations can be specifically designed with the needs of the individual and treatment center in mind.

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