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Emily Beecher, Ed.S., NCSP

Emily beecher

I grew up in the High Desert in Southern California and came to Utah in 2012 to start school at Brigham Young University (BYU). I thought I wanted to be a nurse or do something with psychology when I came to college. I quickly realized that nursing was not the career for me with the chemistry and all the needles. I played sports all growing up and I still have a love for sports and running and have run 6 marathons. I was very interested in sports psychology for a time but the more I talked to my mom, who is a Speech and Language Pathologist and works in my local school district back in California, about what I wanted to do with psychology I realized my desire to help children in the role of a school psychologist. I had thoughtful teachers and leadership and was blessed with good friends and family but I also saw that not everyone had that experience and wanted to do what I could to help children throughout the school system. I wanted to work with administrators and teachers to help give all students regardless of their background or abilities as many tools as possible to have a good experience with school and even to succeed in their lives.

I graduated from BYU’s Educational Specialist graduate program in 2019 and worked in Alpine School District as a School Psychologist. 

I have worked in elementary and junior high schools as well as the district’s preschool assessment center. I now teach Developmental Psychology for Brigham Young University-Idaho Online. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Utah Excel Psychology and work with both adults and children.

I love working hard to accomplish something and conducting psychological testing to find an answer for a client or student so that families and individuals can better understand any difficulties they are going through. I love getting to spend time with someone new and learn about them and then use the test results along with the observations from our time together to help give insight and recommendations on what might help them in their daily life.

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